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Progressive Greetings Live – New Exhibitor Tips

by becqua on June 13, 2012, in the Progressive Greetings Live category

Vanilla Bloom exhibition stand

Vanilla Bloom – PG Live stand 2012

Vanilla Bloom exhibited at the PG Live Show for the first time this year and it’s been a massive learning curve. The event was held on 29th & 30th May at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. The event is billed as the London International Card Show and is aimed at UK and foreign buyers. The Springboard Section is seen as a launch for publishers who are new to the business.

Tips for New Exhibitors:
1. Ensure the location of your stand has maximum exposure to potential buyers.
Even small stands are relatively expensive so you need to maximise your exposure. The Springboard Section is divided into two sections so I would recommend the larger of the two.

2. Fully prepare your stand layout prior to the exhibition, and get as much as possible done in advance.

3. Have a back-up plan for your fixings.
Some exhibitors struggled with this and had to review their stand fixings. If you’re planning to use velcro, but it doesn’t stick to the stand walls then consider a back-up. We originally planned on sticking canvasses to the stand (and a test at home proved successful) but on the day we decided that hooks were a better option and the canvasses were hung from the stand instead.

4. Log details of visitors to your stand.
This could be done via barcode scanning at PG Live, but for a new publisher trying to keep costs down I’d recommend a book in which to attach visitors business cards so you can note the nature of their enquiry and detail any leads on which you intend to follow up on later.

5. Take time to consider any business offers.
You may get approached by agents, printers, distributors and publishers. You may also get licensing enquiries. Identify the direction you wish your business to take, and research any potential business partners fully.

6. Enjoy it.
It’s can be intimidating to exhibit for the first time, but take the time to enjoy the experience as you’ll meet lots of new people. Fellow exhibitors are all very welcoming and everyone is keen to help each other and offer advice.

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