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Born in Bristol, I attended school in Bath before attending the University of the West of England, Bower Ashton, gaining a Masters Degree in Fine Art & Context. I spend my spare time balancing yoga, travel and creating mixed-media artworks and oil paintings.

I now live and work in the City of Bath and it’s a vibrant place to be. The beautiful golden facade of the classical Georgian architecture belies the tired and worn, but still grand, muted interiors beyond. Contrast can be found everywhere you look: light and dark; gold and grey; somber and joyful. In my artwork for example, I love a brushstroke of gold to counteract the ungilded scruffier contrast of messy ink or paint.

Working mostly traditionally in oils and mixed-media, I adore great colour combinations and whether it’s digital or physical art, I love building the layers to add depth and interest. Florals, textures and portraiture are recurring themes and I will often take photos as I go about my day. The ‘headdress’ in this self-portrait started life as a vase of flowers I saw in the reception of local business. Inspiration may strike anywhere… just have to be ready.

All enquiries welcome.

See my Blog for updates.

– Becky McCarthy

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