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The Illustration 365 Project – Update

by becqua on April 2, 2016, in the News category

Day 80 Clarabel Sketch

Day 80: Clarabel

Clarabel Illustration

Illustration: Colourways

Clarabel Illustration Detail

Detail: Clarabel

3 months into the project and I’m going strong. I’ve posted an illustration for every day of January, February & March 2016. Subjects have ranged from flora and fauna, to vintage birdcages, quotes and my muses Lily & Clarabel. Some days are easier than others and the support and feedback from other members of the group definitely keep me motivated. My artistic style has varied from doodles and quick sketches, to pieces finished in Illustrator and Photoshop. Some days the style has been loose and scratchy, and other days very neat and precise. Throughout this year-long process I hope to hone and define my style, and have enjoyed seeing the work submitted by fellow illustrators. If you’d like to join the project please contact me.