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Unveiling a Portrait of a Subscriber…

by becqua on February 24, 2024, in the News category

Today’s art quote…

“I decided to start anew-to strip away what I had been taught, to accept as true my own thinking. This was one of the best times of my life. There was no one around to look at what I was doing, no one interested, no one to say anything about it one way or another. I was alone and singularly free, working into my own, unknown-no one to satisfy but myself. I began with charcoal and paper and decided not to use any color until it was impossible to do what I wanted to do in black and white. I believe it was June before I needed blue.”

Georgie O’Keefe


It’s been a while. Welcome to my first update of the year! I hope you’re having a wonderful 2024 so far.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos to me as part of my inspiration project (if you want to get involved subscribe to my newsletter). After a few months away from the easel I selected Rachel’s photo. Thanks Rachel! Initially it was intended to be a sketch but ended up being a more finished fine art piece. Oil paint and gold leaf on Arches Papier.

portrait of Rachel oil on paper 2024

‘Rachel’ oil on paper