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Small Studio Sunday Virtual Art Exhibition

by becqua on August 20, 2023, in the Fine Art, News category

Hi there!! We’re getting closer to the opening of the Small Studio Sunday event for independent artists.

Small Studio Sunday is a virtual art show that takes place on Sunday August 27 2023. Artwork by 50+ independent artists will be featured in a Website Gallery. Throughout the day a number of artists will be presenting live demos, studio tours and art talks across Facebook and Instagram. The Small Studio Sunday Gallery website will help visitors and buyers connect with the artists during and beyond event day. It’s going to be a fun and informal event to support emerging artists.

Hope to see you there….sign up here for your invite.

webpage showing the small studio sunday online art event

Oil Painting Masterclass with Rosso Crimson – June

by becqua on August 12, 2023, in the Fine Art category

Continuing the online mentorship with Rosso Crimson. This month we worked on paler skin tones and the overall palette, the colours we’ve used for skintones throughout the course are:

  • Titanium white
  • A pre-mixed blue-grey
  • Yellow ochre
  • Naples yellow
  • Cadmium red
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Indian red
  • Ivory black

Time was limited this month due to other commitments so I did a quick sketch, oil on paper, just to get some more practice in mixing and painting faces.  As you can see I didn’t completely like two of them. The expression on the middle one was quite intriguing so she survived. As an underpainting this was quite successful….and with more time I would work on the lighter tones.

painting skin tones in oil paint on paper


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