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Its Global Talent Search Time…..

by becqua on August 13, 2016, in the News category

The 2016 Global Talent Search is underway with Lilla’s Rogers competition to find her next artist to represent. It’s the second time I’ve taken part and it is a great way to flex your design muscles and work to a professional design brief. The first round is now nearly complete and Lilla will then whittle the field down to 50 who will take part in the next round. It’s a great competition to be part of and from past experience it’s fun to follow the progress of the artists who make it through to the later stages.

This years theme is to produce a paper napkin, cup and saucer for a cool tea and cake shop. The theme I went with, was 1940’s vintage with a modern twist. It ended up kind of retro, grandma chic. I think the colours would look great against a crisp white tablecloth. Here’s a few images to show the progression from sketches and mood boards to the finished piece. Visit to see more from Lilla.

Day 210: Time for Tea

Day 216: 1940’s Pinup

217 Mood Board