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Juliette Belmonte Portrait Class

by becqua on January 15, 2023, in the Fine Art category

Virtual Portrait Workshop October 30 – November 20 2022, and here’s how her website describes the class:

A mixed media portrait workshop with Juliette Belmonte.

In this four week workshop, students will learn to incorporate found objects, fabrics, sentimental objects and papers to create multi layered mixed media portraits. We will be working with acrylic paints and water based mediums. There will be some feedback during class hours and I will hold “office hours” on Zoom for two additional hours throughout the week for personal feedback and questions.

It was the first time I’ve done an art class via zoom, and meeting Juliette and the other students was great. Seeing how everyone’s work progressed over 4 weeks with Juliette’s suggestions was greatly beneficial. She shares her process on how to tackle the dreaded blank canvas and gave detailed feedback on colour-mixing and how she approaches the use of mixed media. This class gave me the confidence to tackle portraits and to keep the parts of a painting I like and happily keep adding layers to crate the overall result.

fine art semi abstract art mixed media painting of a beautiful woman

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