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Floral Motif Workshop with Rachael Taylor

by becqua on January 28, 2018, in the News category

The Create Workshop in Liverpool

Following the workshop in November, I’ve been working on some designs with view to submitting some designs to a pattern stock site. The specialist workshop was hosted by Rachael Taylor of with assistance by Kelly Crossley. It was a relaxed informal day with lots of conversation and background music, as we painted and sketched the array of gorgeous blooms that were displayed.  We were encouraged to try different media and make marks, with no pressure to make a finished piece. The all-day workshop was broken up into several sessions with time allocated and set aside for Rachael to talk through her process and answer any questions as they arose. The insight into her creative worklife was a privilege and Rachael showed her initial sketches and was generous with the detail supplied regarding suppliers and resources.

Some of the mark-making has since turned into finished repeat patterns and I’m pleased with everything I took away from the session, from meeting fellow artists, hearing Rachael talk about her work, painting in a group atmosphere, and having some beautifully crafted cupcakes and treats for the train home.

Rachael Taylor Workshop

Floral Workshop Setting


Painted Polka


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