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Oil Painting Masterclass with Rosso Crimson

by becqua on April 12, 2023, in the Fine Art category
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I’m focussing more on portraits this year and signed up to an oil painting class by Rosso Crimson. Here’s the description of the class from Rosso’s website:


“Mentorship program taught live from my studio in London. Learn how to develop a full figure painting which departs creatively from the initial photographic reference. The mentorship programs includes over 3 hour video content where you’ll learn a step-by-step guide to develop a full figure painting as well as 12 live three hour workshops.

Starting from January 2023″

I’m unable to attend the live zooms but am watching the replays and getting feedback via the classroom. Oil painting created so far based on a photo reference supplied by Rosso, working on initial blocking in, and skin tones:

Portrait created in the Rosso Crimson mentorship programme

Colour Collage I

by becqua on June 29, 2022, in the News category
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I’ve been working less digitally and more with collage and mixed media recently so I decided to take a course by Este McLeod  at

“If you’d like to develop your sense of colour, be bolder with applied paint techniques and create in a more expressive and uninhibited way then join me on Colour Collage I. It’s packed with content guaranteed to inspire and enthuse” – Este McLeod

My main aim is to try to work with colour and different techniques, try new things and loosen up in my approach to art. Working through the colour modules using acrylic inks and deli paper to create collage pieces.

– Module 1 – Red

– Module 2 – Blue

Apple collage